Thursday, 10 February 2011

Loves & Hates: Feb 2011

I used to do this on my REALLY old blog. Basically, it's two lists of anything that I'm particularly loving or hating at this current moment in time! Here goes...

  • Falling into bed after not sleeping for almost two days. Yeah... I actually do that alot.
  • Ginger guys! Give me Alo from Skins or the majority of the Weasley family any day!
  • Army of love by Kerli. Awesome song!
  • How it now takes me under three hours to upload a video! YESS!
  • Having the confidence to email companies. As my Mam always said, "Shy bairns get nowt!"
  • EpicMealTime on Youtube. You should definitely check these guys out because their videos are amazing! WHATCHA KNOW 'BOUT COOKING?

  • That 'Skins' dress sense. Ew.
  • Ignorant Youtube make up gurus. JUST REPLY TO ME ALREADY!
  • Having to get out of bed. For any reason. Whatsoever.
  • Coldness. I wish the summer would just get here already.
  • The fact that I have opened a savings account that will never have more than £10 in it because I keep drawing money out of it...
Thats it for now!

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