Monday, 30 April 2012

Nicki Minaj 'Starships' Inspired Look

Hey guys! Today I have done the look that Nicki Minaj is wearing in her new Starships music video. I know the looks are slightly different, and mine is a bit more pink but hey, I like to live on the wild side haha! Anyway, I hope you like this look and please scroll down to see pictures and a list of products!

For this look I used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil - Milk
OCC Loose Shadow - Platonic
OCC Loose Shadow - Cherry Bomb
Sugarpill Loose Shadow - Magentric
Sugarpill Loose Shadow - Weekender
ELF Eyeshadow Duo - Mocha Swirl
Collection 2000 Extreme Pen Liner - Black
Avon Colour Trend Comb It! Mascara - Black
Unknown Dramatic Lashes (Possibly Red Cherry?)
Natural Collection Blush - Pink Cloud
OCC Lip Tar - Memento
OCC Lip Tar - Pageant


  1. I just came across your videos on you tube and LOVE THEM!

    You are adorable and the makeup looks you do are fun while still being wearable-- well i think so but, I'm adventurous with makeup too. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into your posts they are much appreciated I am now a Subscriber!

  2. If you get time, check out my latest blog post called tag:blog loving, you are mentioned as my inspiration :) keep being yourself! louisa x

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