Thursday, 3 March 2011

Loves & Hates: March 2011

Here is the list of things that I am particularly loving and hating in the month of March...

  • The range of mascaras from Maybelline. I'm totally in love with the 'Colossal' Volume Express mascara.
  • Harley from EpicMealTime. He always replies to me on twitter!
  • 'Born This Way' by Lady Gaga. Every time I hear it I just want to burst into song and dance.
  • The 'Body Light' powder that was sent to me by Cazcarra London. It's like awesomely glittering powder spray in a really cute bottle. I can't wait to review it.
  • Kinder Eggs. To the max!
  • Waiting for the Google AdSense payment threshold to reach £60. It's taking the piss!
  • The whole Lime Crime scandal. I REALLY like their products but I keep getting hate about how I shouldn't use their stuff... Hey, if it's good enough for xSparkage...
  • Lip products that come off pretty much straight away after application. Urgh man!
  • Having to top up my phone JUST so I can listen to my voicemail, even though every other call I make is free.
  • The lack of nice weather. I wish I could wear a dress every day and be warm. You Californians have no idea how lucky you have it! GRR!
Thats pretty much it!

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