Sunday, 3 April 2011

Loves & Hates: April 2011

Hey guys! So, it's that time of the month again! No, not THAT time of the month but you know what I mean lol! It's time for my monthly loves and hates for April!

  • The daily vlogs of our dearest Marc Hutton (win-the-cat Marc!) who is brightening up everyones day with his antics! (You can watch them at
  • Fish spas! Seriously, I loved that Garra Rufa fish foot spa so much that I am tempted to go back again! I'm taking my mam to get it done next week!
  • I secretly love all this terrible auto-tune pre-teen pop that has sprung up! Which seat should I take on a friday? Is Hannah Montana really wearing my jeans? Its fun to laugh at, and quite catchy!
  • Ribena. I'm loving the stuff!
  • Days when I have flawless skin. I dunno, some days it just happens!

  • Youtube. I'm sorry but at this very moment I HATE IT! It's not letting me upload any videos for you guys!
  • My current state of health. I was told I have a stomach ulcer the other day which I am on tablets for. I also wake up with a headache everyday which sucks!
  • Kicking my caffeine addiction. I haven't had a drink of coke for about 4 days now, and I am seriously climbing the walls. It has contributed to the worst moods I have ever been in.
  • Chain messages on Blackberry messenger. Seriously. Just fuck the fuck off!
  • Being skint. I'm always bloody broke these days! Booo!
So that is it for the month of April! This has actually been a collab post with Marc, as he has blogged about his loves and hates too! You can check his out at which is awesome, and you should follow him because he's a funny guy!
Talk to you guys again sooooon!

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  1. :) I am your 100th blog follower!! Congrats love! triple digits! xoxo <3