Saturday, 31 July 2010

TIM MINCHIN Inspired Smokey Eyes

Sorry the pic of Tim's eye is a little warped. I had to take a photo of my telly!
I edited the photo below to give a similar shading effect...

Hey guys!
So I was watching Tim Minchin on tv the other night, and besides nearly collapsing with laughter, I noticed how much he suited make up! Theres nothing wrong with guys wearing make up, but I do think they have to suit it so they can pull it off. If theres one guy that can pull off dark eye make up, its Tim Minchin! I actually love him!
For this look I used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Pencil - Zero
MAC Eyeshadow - Retrospeck
MAC Eyeshadow - Quarry
MAC Eyeshadow - Blanc Type
Body Shop Shimmer Cube - Shimmer Black
Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara

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